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Function Meets Beauty: Luxury Kitchen Renovations 101

The kitchen is the heart of the home, a place where families spend lots of time together, right from having that all-important cup of coffee in the morning to preparing dinner while the kids do their homework at the end of the day. It only makes sense therefore to invest in a kitchen that is not only functional, but breathtaking as well. And luxury kitchens are exactly that. Luxury kitchen designs mainly use sleek surfaces (such as stainless steel and marble counter-tops) to complement minimalist designs.

A luxury kitchen renovation will, for instance, involve installing cherry wood cabinets and pairing these with dark floors, stainless steel appliances and maybe white counter-tops. Some other interesting ideas for a luxury kitchen include built-in coffee bars for the coffee aficionados, and brick ovens for those who enjoy baking bread, pizza, and many other baked treats. One thing to be remembered about luxury kitchen renovations is that despite the design chosen, the bottom-line is to splurge on something one wouldn’t consider extremely necessary but one which transforms a dull traditional kitchen into a haven of luxury.

Other ideas to be explored when remodeling a kitchen with the intention of turning it into a luxurious space include:

Having a wine storage unit in the kitchen. This will be especially appreciated on those nights when all one needs is a good glass of wine.

Installing front and back glass cabinets. These allow one the luxury of savoring the landscape and garden views outside while also allowing natural light in. Natural lighting magically transforms a room.

UV resistant glass doors for the refrigerator. These will keep the groceries cool, even when in direct sunlight. The glass doors also add sleek style to a kitchen.

Updated space saver kitchen. Anybody who spends a lot of time in the kitchen knows how convenient it is when everything needed is within arm’s reach. Investing in a luxury kitchen renovation can guarantee one more convenience and ease during meal preparation, if everything is placed strategically within reach.

While luxury kitchens are known to cost a lot of money, one can still get their dream kitchen while on a budget. A luxury renovation need not happen in one phase (unless one can afford it); breaking down a renovation into several affordable phases is prudent and allows one time to think about new preferences as far as the design is concerned. There’s nothing to stop every homeowner, especially the one who loves spending time in the kitchen, from owning their dream cooking space.

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