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Top 5 interior designers

This is a list of interior designers that used their amazing creativity, fresh vision, style and inspiration to create amazing pieces of art on everything they put their eyes or their mind on. This proffesionals made it clear that if you want to do some changes or renovations on your house, you have to turn into professionals to do the job and make your dreams come true:

  1. Philippe Starck, he doesn’t see just his job as a creator, but also as someone who considers the ecology, political influence, himself been someone subversive, ethical but also fun to complete his projects. He knows that his objective as an interior designer is to make life better for whoever crosses in front of his projects. He does a lot of different projects from designing chairs to toothbrushes and interior design as itself.
  2. Achille Salvagni, specializes in luxury residences and yachts. His main characteristic it’s his perfectionism in everything he does, from designing furniture to a modern but also traditional interior design. Loves to listen to his clients and work towards making a customer dream into something real.
  3. Karim Rashid, is known for been one of the most prolific designers of the generation as well as one of the best industrial designers, got involved in many projects from furniture, and fashion to music, lighting, and art.
  4. Alidad, he takes advantage of his multicultural knowledge, was born in Persia and grew up in Switzerland and England. He has an elegant but supremely comfortable characteristic on each one of his projects. Creates interiors blending Oriental and Occidental traditions but always prioritizing comfortability.
  5. Patricia Urquiola, was born in Spain and has some amazing but unconventional designs, likes to experiment with different styles and blend humanist sensibilities with her technical knowledge, having, as a result, many interesting and unique creations.

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