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What kind of contractor should I get for an infill job?

An infill job is one of those projects that can affect the whole community, take in mind that besides of providing a new and upgraded environment for living it also becomes a part of the neighborhood and it’s necessary for it to fit some standards. Getting a contractor for an infill job it’s not always easy, this are some things that a homeowner might have to consider before hiring one.

1. Experience. Since this type of projects involves a big investment for a homeowner or an entrepreneur experience is a must have, make sure you ask for a book or record that they already did infill jobs and ask about references, that way you can make sure that the contractor will perform a good job.

2. Design team. Infill jobs require a special and accurate design not only to fill the clients expectations and taste but to fit the community constructions standards, no one wants a couple of bad looking houses in front of their houses.

3. License and Insurance. This is a must in the construction world, it prevents the customer to get ripped off and demonstrates that the contractor is serious and knows what he is doing. To get a license, a contractor needs to take exams, proved the knowledge that they have about building, construction laws, and codes. And the insurance is necessary if a worker gets hurt while he is doing the infill job and they don’t have an insurance the homeowner might end up paying the hospital bill.

4. Contract. An infill job demands a lot of work, a detailed contract will stipulate your responsibilities and what the contractor needs to do and in how much time he will do it, also covers the cost, brands, type of job and quality. It’s necessary for you and the contractor.

A really good company for infill jobs is Trademark Renovations, they are a Calgary based company that has years of experience, also, they have the best team of professionals working side by side with you.

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